September 18, 2007

Condoleezza Rice

When Bush finally knuckles his way off the the world stage (to die a lonely alcohol soaked death when the guy that stands behind him reminding him to chew before swallowing calls in sick one day) there are a number of potentially good candidates to replace him, though quite frankly it would be hard to find one that did not look good when compared to the current incumbent. As a libertarian obviously I would quite like to see Ron Paul up there, but for a long time I have had a soft spot for Condoleezza Rice. She is smart, tough, competent she would make a good candidate. Added to that she is also black, female, and quite possibly gay. It would be worth it simply to see Stir Frei explode from not being able to reconcile his lefty anti-americanism with the first female president, the first black president, and the second gay president being a Republican.


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